Guizhou Guoyi Leather Products CO.,Ltd was established in April in the 2021 Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou province.It’s located in building A of the Light industry Incubator in Mawei town,Dushan county province.The company has more than 168 employees with an average age of about 35 at present.The company’s main business items are:High-efficiency,safety,professional production(leather semi-finished products and products labor protection supplies,gloves,cloth gloves.Leather goods processing and sales.Sales:Domestic brand gloves.normal production value of up to 21 million per month.Guoyi leather regards talents as the power source of enterprise development and the attaches great importance to the selection,education ,use and retention of talents.Guoyi leather set up a complete training mechanism to help each new member to grow up quickly.Including basic quality training,professional skills training,on-the- jobs training and management quality training.Guoyi leather by creating a clear upward channel and the platform space of the ability exert and provide comprehensive safeguard measure to fully guarantee the rapid growth of each member.The company will continue adhere to the mission of “Because of our existence,let more people have successful career and a happy life”.Focus on “experience,efficiency,creation,win” business philosophy.Relying on the company over the years in slaes,service and other aspects of precipitation and accumulation of resources. Through continuous technical and product innovation and gradually develop into highly competitive and influential safety protection products companies in the industry.As a safety protection products enterprise, the whole production of raw materials processing input is heavy.After 3 years development with excellent product quality and social responsibility. Guoyi leather has won the recognition and trust of many enterprises and consumers at home and abroad. As a national manufacturing industry to build a well-know brand, In the road to industrial power on the road to forge ahead.  
Thank you for your attention and support to our safety protection goods. My company main market as follows: 
 1. China,east Asia; 
 2, Europe: European Union, Russia,Germany,Poland,  England,Romania; 
 3. USA, Canada,Australia; 
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